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2 down, ? to go

October 14, 2008

To save these moments for posterity (and so they’re not lost on my personal blog)

A little over a week ago, Lus and I managed to grab our Champion of the Naaru titles. Just in the nick of time – I really didn’t think we could. I had tried to affect an apathetic attitude, saying that I didn’t care, and it wouldn’t matter if I didn’t make the effort to get it. But secretly I really did want it. I thought it would be a very appropriate title for a Draenei. We threw together instance groups and our new guild luckily had a Mags run scheduled for the day after, et voilĂ !

And also on a whim (do you sense the extent of the apathy I had tried to build up?) after reading about how everyone and their sister on the wow_ladies community had gotten their Bloodsail rep up to friendly and gotten the hat, I mentioned to Lus that we ought to get it. After all, the guards are only 67 and if we don’t do it now, we’ll have to wait until 80 to do it after the patch. Well…

There was a huntress already there, so we grouped with her and killed for about 15 minutes. Then more and more people started to show up and at one point we had nine people in our group, which was much more than I had anticipated. Eventually though it boiled down to four people, and we mercilessly slaughtered the goblins of Booty Bay. And the hopes of low levels trying to turn in quests. The QQ-fest was a sight to behold. After about only four hours of grinding rep, we were two little admirals.

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  1. Mae permalink
    October 14, 2008 1:23 PM

    I never did get that title! I suppose I never shall either, since they’re removing the chain. I would have liked to have a bear mount, but well, that’s not really a reality because my guild sorta screwed around where ZA was concerned.Nice hats!! I’d love to get the rep to get one of those because it has a pet. I’m slightly obsessed with pets, I have something like 48 pets. lol.You mentioned that you’d have to wait until 80 if you didn’t do it before the patch… are they changing something?Good luck with the patch, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one feeling less than enthusiastic about it.

  2. Pike permalink
    October 14, 2008 5:51 PM

    Oddly enough I had a dream about that pirate hat last night… o.o

  3. Karine permalink
    October 15, 2008 4:46 AM

    @mae – yes, they’re increasing the level of the guards in Booty Bay to 77, so really it would only be feasible at 80 (or with a big raid, I guess, lol) I’m trying to psyche myself up for pet collecting. Ever since I saw the little skunks in the Draenei starting area, I wanted one and maintained that they should be made a pet. And while I’m sad that I have to collect a ton of them to get the skunk, I’m glad that it’s obtainable. I have only… geez, probably only 10 on my main. I have a lot of collecting to do!

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