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Got my hair did

October 15, 2008

After hours of entertaining myself otherwise while the realms did their “Yes, we’re working/No, we’re not” thing, I finally got to log in.

First, neither of my realms would show up, but after a while only my paladin’s did. The first thing I did was check out her achievements (not many, she’s only 40 after all) and then skipped over to the barber’s and checked out the new hairstyles.

And did not get her Shave and a Haircut. She tried out all the hairstyles, but none of them seemed correct. She’s a tank, and having her hair up in a bun and out of her face is the best possible tanking style.

Then the priest’s realm came up and I happily hopped on there, anticipating the achievements she would have, and all the bag space she would gain after learning her pets and mounts. Only to find that she only had a handful of pets (not enough to get the Plenty of Pets achievement) and a few mounts. Ran outside Shatt real quick to faux-duel Lus for the Duel-icious achievement and then ported to Ironforge to see what the hair options were.

Upon stepping into the barber shop, I wasn’t so sure about whether or not it was wise to have my hair cut here. They had Goblin hair style posters and styles modeled on shrunken heads! (Note the wrist clasps in the second picture to trap you in the chair. Reminiscent of torture, y/y?)

However, I saw that other players were emerging with both ears intact and they weren’t missing patches of hair, so I gave it a go.

And I completely love it! (I apologize for such a dark first shot, but it was taken before I targeted myself for better lighting. They need better lights in the barbershops!) I hadn’t really been a fan of the short ponytail for the Blood Elves, mostly because I didn’t like the light blue/aqua color that the clasp and barette were, but the colors look good for the Draenei and the style makes her look so youthful and fun. Even though she has to work hard healing the members of her party and raid doesn’t mean she has white hair yet! She still has several hundred years to live, she’s just a baby yet. And as an extra measure to add to the youthfulness of her look, she had her horns filed shorter and pointier. Love it! /squee

While I was modeling the side shot of the ponytail (look how demure she is, covering her ears with the little “wings” of hair. Little House reference, anyone?) I noticed something glowy. I looked around for the source of the glow and only after I zoomed out did I see that my weapon was glowing! Now, I don’t know if this is something that was implemented in the patch and I didn’t catch it in the notes, I don’t know if in the weeks of not really playing her much it started glowing, I don’t know. I just now how disppointed I was that her Gavel of Naaru Blessings didn’t glow when she got it enchanted with Healing Power. It was an ugly mace and needed the glow. And now it has it! (And I really will feel bad if the glow happened before and I just never noticed it.) And I also have to say that the new hair and horns endears her to me more. She seems much more cute and fun – certainly more so than the stodgy looking “older” her, yes?

ETA: After making a comment on Matticus’ Haircut Sharing post and seeing my gravatar, I see that my new horns no longer match the icon or the layout. Guh…

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  1. Brierley permalink
    October 15, 2008 5:54 PM

    I noticed my gavel glowing for the first time yesterday as well. I was driving my cat around and I noticed the trail I was leaving behind. I was definitely excited.

  2. Mae permalink
    October 17, 2008 9:37 PM

    Your Draenei and mine are almost identical. Majesty, my priest, is a Draenei! She has that exact hair cut, same robe, etc. lol.First thing I did was get all my toons a haircut… or almost all of them anyway. It’s so much fun!!

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