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Lurker and Rage Winterchill down

October 20, 2008

After an impromptu signup for a guild Luker run, I figured that an hour and a half would surely be enough to get the UI in working order, figure out Grid/Clique and decide which talents I would spec.

Turns out, that wasn’t enough.

I was frantically putting my bars in order and flinging buttons on them, hurridly binding the keys and asking anyone in my house, “Deep Discipline or deep Holy?” whether they knew what I was talking about or not. (My poor mother was so confused.) As the timer on my summons wound down to 26 seconds, I finally got all the points in the correct talents (deep Discipline) and hoped I knew what I was doing.

We went through the trash with no problem in SSC, of course. Wiped on the first attempt on Lurker, actually. (Someone in the raid said it, and I know we were all thinking it. “They nerfed the hell out of him, and we still wipe?” A little demoralizing.) But we got a guild first kill right after that.

And afterwards, we made our way to Mount Hyjal and made another attempt at killing Rage Winterchill. The guild had tried this before, and hadn’t made it through all the waves, so this time was the first time I’d actually seen Rage Winterchill in the… erm… flesh? And we downed him almost without a hitch.

I think that we were all just a little rusty, from taking some pre-patch time off and from not having extensively tried out new specs. I don’t know if I settled fully into my spec, only because I stuck to my usual spell rotation, with a Penance thrown in for good measure. (That’s such a fun spell – almost more fun to fling than Prayer of Mending.) Since it was such a quick respec, I’m going to go through and let it all sink in more.

And work on some Achievements. I’m behind everyone else. Hallow’s End will be over before I know it!

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