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Observations (misc. & pvpriest)

October 22, 2008

Observations; misc.
It’s interesting what the Achievement Pandemic can do. Any guesses as to which achievement they’re trying to obtain?

Did any of you know that there’s a farm in Arathi on the coast, inhabited by two dwarves? I didn’t know that either, until I swam up the coast, to get the flight path in the Hinterlands. (I thought the overland route would be a bit too dicey at my paladin’s level.) It’s a pretty nice scenic place – perfect for a bed and breakfast, if you ask me.

While I was in Raventusk Village, I noticed that they display their Hallow’s End pumpkins by impaling them on spikes. How very Troll. (Incidently, the Tauren in Feralas also impale pumpkins on the end of the huge tusks they have on their huts.)

Observations; priest; pvp
PvP can be fun. If you have a partner. And are doing it for achievements. And for a set time only.

I’ve never been one for PvP before – I never liked it. Probably I never understood it really, when I first set foot in a battleground to see what it was. (Really, I can not explain the noobness of me when I first started playing. Try noob² – that would probably be it.) And I didn’t like the dying. So, never set foot in bgs ever again, unless I could help it.

The bf dragged me into some bgs, since he wanted the G.N.E.R.D. rage achievement, so I figured I may as well. A few achievements never hurt anybody, right? I knew that even though I came along to be heals, I would earn a few by proxy.

AV was the bg of choice for him, so in the middle of the second one I mention that I read Matticus’ Undisputed Method of Earning Damage Control and he said, “Hey, this will go long enough you could probably get it.” And I did. I had thought that 300k would be a lot for a battleground so I was pretty proud of myself as I marked my progress. Until I saw a certain paladin’s heals. At the end of the battleground as I had managed to go over 300k, she was over 600k. Awesome heals, Lority.

So, after being guilted into some PvP, I am now the proud owner of five new PvP achievements.

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