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October 23, 2008

As we know, I’ve become a Bloodsail Admiral. Which means that many goblins really don’t like me. They beat me with sticks, net me to the ground and shoot me with bullets that have some crazy knockback.

But I was determined to get my Tricks and Treats of Azeroth! I pretty much just died as near to the inns in goblin cities as I could, then stole the candy and ran out. However, in Mudsprocket in cursed Dustwallow Marsh (I hate that place) I got stuck in the inn, being shot and knocked back by a goblin outside. Shot and knocked back, shot and knocked back, ad nauseum. I was pinned against the back wall. There was a rogue in the inn watching all this (amused, I’m sure) and asked what was going on. His druid buddy came to see, and we had some pirate dialogue as I was slowly dying. (Those bullets knock you back something fierce, but they sure don’t hit you for much, even as a clothie.)

The druid healed me at first, but after I explained that it wouldn’t help and I could really only die and rez in a safe place, they left, so I just waited to die. Then the guards disappear. As I’m thinking, “???” the rogue yells, “GO NOW!” so I ran as fast as my hooves could carry me, and as I streak past, I see that they’re fighting the guards – distracting them so that I could get out alive.

They accompanied me all the way until I was out of combat, sent tells to be sure I would be ok, and we went on our merry ways.

That was pretty awesome of them. I haven’t seen a small kindness like that from random strangers in the game for a long time. It made my night.

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