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Thoughts on: Wrath login screen

October 29, 2008

To take a step back from the massive influx of zombie posts that can be found all over the warcraft blogging community (that’s right, I may be the only one that didn’t write about it) I thought I would post some thoughts on the log in screen.

Now, my thoughts aren’t anything deep or profound. But the first thing that I thought when I saw the log in screen that a friend screenshotted from the beta was, “That looks AWESOME!” It was blue, there was ice and a dragon and it was so very fitting with Northrend and winter. It gave a feeling that would really set the tone for the expansion, not only in the aesthetic but in setting itself apart from the vanilla and BC editions because there was no similarities whatsoever. A new era.

However, when I downloaded 3.0 on Patch Day, I was, honestly, a little disappointed to see the Wrath login screen. I wasn’t playing Wrath. There was no Northrend to go to. But mostly I was sad because it look away the “specialness” of the feeling. It didn’t belong to Wrath anymore, it wasn’t part of the Expansion Package I would get on November 13; I had it here and now. With the Burning Crusade. The shinyness wore off.

I also think that the tinkly music sets a nice tone for wintery settings as well. My only complaint is that it ends abruptly and goes into a rendition of the “Warcraft theme” that we all know and love. It clashes just a tiny bit. But I guess that’s only if you’re going for a complete winter/Wrath/different thing, like I want. Doesn’t mean the devs wanted it that way.

I’m glad that I’ve ordered the Collector’s Edition of WotLK and will be getting an ingame soundtrack CD to listen to. They always do a great job with music.

Also: I have a secret project. Let’s hope she grows up to see a level higher than 10.

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