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No meet and greet for me

October 31, 2008

I’ve been seeing more and more posts from other bloggers giving the locations of the game store’s they’ll be at release night, inviting people to come down and get a drink, hang out and wait for midnight. It’s really too bad I don’t live where any of them are, ’cause it would be really great to meet another WoW player IRL.

I think that the only blogger (that I am aware of) that lives remotely close to me is Ef (sorry Ef, I’m not sure who you play) but he’s prohibitively far away (Boulder is not exactly around the block from where I live on the Western Slope) so we can’t exactly meet for coffee and spec discussion.

Which I suppose is just as well since I preordered my collector’s edition from Amazon anyway. (Long story short: the guy at the closest GameStop was an idiot and I didn’t trust him to get my order right, and that was really the only in-store option available to me.)

But I did debate even ordering it online for a while – because the option to meet other WoW players in their WoW-geekery glory is really non-existant. There are no people walking around with telltale signs in this small town (the only things I can think of would be wearing Warcraft clothes or a sticker on a car) so I can’t walk up and say, “Hey, you play Alliance? What server?”

However, if people were waiting outside of a game store at late hours of the night, clearly they’re players. Clearly we share a love of the game, and that’s really exciting to me, since the only person I know that plays is Lus. It would be very fun to have other WoW friends to discuss the game with, get together with, do the buddy thing with.

So, while you all will be standing outside stores, perhaps making new friends or meeting a blogger, I’ll be at home, sleeping.

Not counting down the minutes to midnight. Not grabbing my copy and shoving cash at the cashier. Not driving home and hopping on the computer immediately to install.

I’ll be saving gas, since I won’t have to drive. Yeah, I’ll make that my silver lining.

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