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Funnel Cake

November 13, 2008

Do your characters have any traits (or even odd quirks) special to them?

One trait that my Blood Elves have (both my retired rogue and my baby pally) are that they only eat fruit. I feel a little bad indulging in the starving model-esque stereotype, but it seems to be the reason why they’re so darn skinny. (I don’t know how my pally manages to swing around a huge hammer, but she does.) My Draenei priest often eats fruit too, but she indulges occasionally in cheeses and perhaps some meat here and there. (She’s also a lot meatier than the Blood Elves. Makes sense, no?)

However, with the fair in town, Lus mentions that we can get three pets there and may as well, since it’s in Shatt and easy to get to. And of course he says it right before he goes to bed, so who gets to stay up and wait for Flik to stock Wood Frogs for both Lus and myself? That’s right, your friendly neighborhood nightowl priest.

My pally got to go as well (she was a little afraid that some Terokkar monsters would eat her the second she set foot out of Shattrath.) Luckily, they did not. But she did a very happy thing.

She bought several stacks of Funnel Cakes to eat on her journey from 55 on into the Outlands. Maybe that’ll put some meat on her bones.

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