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Friday Five – Northrend

November 15, 2008

From Too Many Annas:

  1. Does your character have an IC reason to be going to Northrend?
  2. Will they be going on their own, or part of a dedicated team?
  3. Which starting zone is your character going to begin with, and why?
  4. Since this is something of a fresh start, is your character switching specializations or roles for this new adventure to the North?
  5. How does your character deal with the cold?

  1. Since I don’t really roleplay, I don’t know if this counts as an “IC” reason, but she was ready for something else. She was chomping at the bit for something new and exciting to do.
  2. Anea will not be venturing into and around Northrend on her own, her trusty Pocket Pally™ will be by her side, crushing everything that hits her too hard.
  3. We chose the Borean Tundra to level in, using a very tricky formula. (Which one looked prettier? Borean Tundra!) Honestly, that’s pretty much all the thought that went into it (although I did read Anna’s informative Where Are YOU Going?) If I don’t like how a zone looks, I’m not going to enjoy it. The icebergs are breathtaking this time of year.
  4. Anea will not be switching specs. Even though she’s hearing the haunting call of the Shadow, she will be staying Discipline (do we see the irony there? Staying? Discipline? Har) and being true to her healer capabilities. Even though at this point neither Lus or I aren’t taking any damage worth mentioning, I might need the healing arts later on.
  5. Disappointment is how she deals with the cold. The icebergs and snow and general coldness of this North makes her wish she could have furs! (There is fur in the art book, why can’t she wear any fur?) She’s harboring hopes that some will turn up in the game – she would be both roasty-toasty in it and stylin’! [However, I am thrilled to have an (almost) entire winter continent – I love how it’s such a drastic change from the majority of Azeroth and the Outlands. I have an affinity for snow. It’s in my blood, since I’m a native of Colorado.]
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