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Sundays are for Screenshots

November 17, 2008

Dalaran absolutely blew me away. I was quite excited to see the new city but I guess I missed the memo about needing to be “attuned” to enter the city. Luckily, the trusty guild mage leveled to 74 quickly and Lus and I got to see the city at 72.

After porting in, I really had no idea where anything was, so I just started running around blindly and checking things out.

((As I took a deep breath and prayed for patience in uploading a vast amount of screenshots in a most inconvenient Blogger-fashion, I decided that it would be better for both my and my reader’s sanity if I posted all the screenshots in a slideshow. I have made a flickr account for this blog and henceforth, all screenshots will be hosted there.))

This will also be the first of my “Sundays are for Screenshots” series – following Sundays will not be quite so image heavy. But, starting it off with a bang certainly won’t hurt.

The link I provide you with will link directly to the slideshow for ease in viewing. If you would like to see my impressions of the screenshot, you can click the “Show Info” button, and a little tab will pop up over the shot, showing you the title and comments for the screenshot, as demonstrated in the photo below.

Please view and enjoy.
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