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A wonder and sadness

November 21, 2008

I’ve seen these flags many times when in the vicinity of the Tuskarr villages. I think it’s a nice touch. However, I wonder how it fits in.

When I see and think of the Tuskarr, I think of the Inuit tribes that live in Alaska and Canada. When I think of prayer flags, I think of Tibet and Buddhism. While there is snow in both regions, that’s kind of where the similarities stop.

I also realize that the devs could simply have been taking creative license when they put the flags and Tuskarr together. (Hell, perhaps to the Tuskarr they’re not prayer flags at all, perhaps they’re purely decorative.) But anyway, I thought it was a nice touch, even if I wondered about it a bit.


I was also saddened when I saw this quest text. Wow Insider’s article That Sinking Sensation spoiled the end for me a bit, but that’s ok. It was really sad to read who I had just slain, even if there was no way for me to know.

There haven’t really been many quests in vanilla and BC versions of WoW that made me feel bad. None that I can really recall except for one in particular – it’s seared in my mind:

I rolled my very first Undead (I don’t even remember her class) and I got to Brill and the apothecary wanted me to poison the mountaineer. And I did, but then he turned into a zombie and his yells really freaked me out. I vowed never to play an Undead again.

And clearly it really did bother me, since out of all the possible quests I remember, I remember that one. Even more than torturing the poor guy in the Northrend quest (that I don’t remember the name of) poisoning the mountaineer bothers me more (or at least scarred me emotionally). /shudder

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