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Thought jot

November 21, 2008

A few random thoughts I wanted to “jot” down before bed:

  • the mount achievements are a huge gold sink – I had stayed clear of them for quite a while. I had the bare minimum of mounts and was happy with them. I splurged and got rep to get a talbuk, but that was the only other extraneous mount that I had bought. And now that the achievement came out, I thought, “Who would have that many mounts? And furthermore, why?” So I didn’t buy any. But I’ve used the achievement as an excuse to buy one or two. Nothing that would give me even the smallest achievement (10) but still. That’s 160g I could have spent elsewhere. I will be better from now on.
  • Try as I might, I really do like my priest in pigtails. I had originally gotten them as something to replace the copycat hairstyle and un-Anea-like color that I had gotten the last time I was in the barbershop, thinking I would get rid of it in the morning. But I actually am fond of it now. She looks pretty cute in them. I think that the horns make it look a little more elegant instead of cutesy or whorey.
  • it’s very awesome that the lumberjacks are wearing checkered shirts
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