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Baby Bear & new UI

November 23, 2008

(I think I really need some training in Interesting Blog Titles)

Today is World of Warcraft’s fourth birthday. Happy Birthday, WoW! They have special birthday traditions in Azeroth, apparently: whoever is having the birthday is giving the presents! (The bear is too important to be considered a party favor, right?)

The warning at the end of the letter was pretty entertaining, for those of us that read things. If you’re one of those that just clicks and goes, take a minute to read the letter:
Giving the baby bear some exercise.
And also, the product of yesterday’s hard work and today’s slight panic about nameplates (which were fixed, thanks to a member of the Wow_Ladies community)… my new Wrath UI!

Or really, “Rebuilt” Wrath UI is more like it. This is (about) a third generation Discern UI that I’ve kept updating and trying to make work through all the patches and versions of Warcraft, since I can’t seem to find anything else that truly keeps me happy. I like simplicity. I like things that work. I like this UI. I don’t know why I strayed from it.

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