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In which NPCs say awesome things

November 30, 2008

After getting to the Oracle quests (after getting done with the stupid puppy men quests, yuck) I had a gorloc buddy. Originally, I didn’t like Gorlocs at all – they looked too much like gremlins and those scared the hell out of me as a kid.

But, once I had one doing the bunny/frog hop with me as I did my quests, I developed a soft spot for them. They all say very cute things, and I make a point to see what they all have to /say. Especially after Jaloot said this:It was very cute. Just endeared me more. I really didn’t like the Frenzyheart in the first place anyway. Anything that looks like a racoon-badger isn’t good, in my book. Yes, the rep items aren’t bad. But yech.

Also – Storm Peaks? AWESOME zone to quest in. I am loving all the quests and the area itself is absolutely beautiful. I am enjoying the area thoroughly – which I was really happy about. I’ve been playing pretty intensively the past few days, since Lus wants to spend vacation time playing – and it’s been wearing on me. A lot. It’s gotten to the point where it really wasn’t fun anymore, and I only got on because it’s the only time that Lus and I spend together since we’re apart right now. And I know that it’s bad that I’ve let it get to that point – because this is a game, it ought to be fun. But this was like night and day – the day before I hated logging on and didn’t until I absolutely had to, and today I’m enjoying every second (also, lots of beautiful and/or interesting screenshots for tomorrow’s Sundays are for Screenshots post). Thank the shinies we went to the Storm Peaks today.

And Ricket is one of my favorite goblins today:

Also, in non-NPC awesomeness news:

I finally – finally – got my epic flying skill. I think I had gone over why I didn’t have it (I didn’t like spending hours farming herbs, if you didn’t read it) and I never made an effort to farm gold for that anyway. I just flew around on my regular one and never really noticed until I was next so someone who had epic flying. A little shameful to admit, but I really just didn’t care about it. /shrug – A milestone nonethe less, right?

Last of all:

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