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Mats List

December 21, 2008

Tonight I finally sat down and made a list of things that I need to buy for all the items that are upgrades for me, that are crafted and BoE.

It’s quite the comprehensive list.

A little daunting, actually. The last time I really made a big list for something was when I picked up alchemy and needed to gather all the herbs to powerlevel it. I painstakingly listed every single herb that I needed and the amount. I gathered and finally crafted up to the max.

I took the same approach now.

While I was leveling, I was doing just that – leveling. I was sad when I hit 80, because I am only faced with the prospect of grinding rep and gearing up. I don’t like to have to grind anything – herbs, rep or gold. It’s not fun for me.

But, in order for my character to be/feel viable, I need to get all this… stuff.

What’s your approach to gearing up and figuring out what you need? Do you go piece by piece, or save up all the mats and go for a ton of upgrades at once? Tips?

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