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Celebrate the new year with epics

January 3, 2009

I had posted a while ago about the list of crafted gear that I had made out, itemizing all the things that would be upgrades for me. (Just about everything would be an upgrade, at the time of the writing of the list.)

I had gotten to the point where I felt like the biggest healing failure because of a bad run of PuGs (according to a guildmate of mine, anyway). Trying to keep my chin up, Lus and I took a look at my gear and talents and decided a respec was in order. I am no longer deep Holy – I am back to a nicely complimentary discipline/holy build. It’s familiar, it works for my healing style. Spirit is my friend. <3

At any rate, after taking stock of what items I had, buying some, farming others and some help from Lus, I got both the Moonshroud Robe and Wispcloak in the same night.
As a note, I’m glad that the cloak isn’t white. And also, since the robe looks so pretty (kind of like a belly dancing costume) I’m not going to wear my tabard. Until I have to. (Read: instances.)

Another note: I am thisclose to getting my new fishing pole from the Tuskarr. Gah!

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