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A tank class conundrum

January 23, 2009

I have been MIA from Warcraft again.  I’ll be making a reappearance tonight as I roll a baby pally (Alliance side) and attempt to be satisfied with how she looks and not delete and reroll her millions of times.

“But why?!” you ask, distressed.  This is a priest blog, right?  (Well, supposed to be.  I don’t know that I’ve necessarily posted priestly things lately.)


I’ll tell you why!


Lus has got it in his head that he wants to heal.  He’s accepted healing gear from raids and has even gone so far as to respec this week and actively seek out groups to heal.  And what happened to him the first night?  “LF tank – pst.”  That’s right, the plight of the healer without a PocketPally™.  I want to spare him that pain (and just really need an alt that stands a chance of making it to 80) so I have decided to roll a pally and (gulp) level it.  (I am not 100% sold on the idea, so I reserve the right to retract this statement and all associated paragraphs.)

I am still surprised when I see low level characters running around the lowbie areas and in cities.  I can’t imagine who might have the time to level another character all the way from 1!  The entire Warcraft community went into raptures when it was announced that Death Knights were to start at level 55.  That’s practically into Outland, then zipping through to 78 and Northrend would take no time, right?


Perhaps I am just a slow leveler, or just plain lazy.  But I imagine that by the time people get done leveling all their characters to 80 (there is a guy in my guild who has one of every class at 70 and is working on getting them all to 80) plus rep, dailies, etc. – how does that leave time for an alt?  It surely seems daunting to me.

However, when you add up all the time that I’ve hemmed and hawed about it, and rolled several different characters and deleted because I wasn’t satisfied with them for whatever reason, I could have been pretty high level by now.  Depressing, when you think about it.

A thought I had while writing this post: why am I so opposed to rolling a Death Knight?  When Wrath came out, I wasn’t going to roll one because everyone and their mother was.  I didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing.  And then there was the “Death Tard” phase where almost any Death Knight you grouped with was horrible – because just anyone could have one at this point and that didn’t necessarily mean they did it well.  So I didn’t want that stigma.  But if my problem is that I don’t want to level all the way up from beginning, wouldn’t the Death Knight be in favor?  One other reason I think that I steered clear of the Death Knight class is because I didn’t want to get down and dirty.  I rolled my priest a Draenei because they were a “good/pure” race and they fit the holiness that I wanted my priest to have inherent to her character.  (Pssst – Blizz!  Still hoping for Holy Form so I can absolutely radiate goodness, healing and Light.)  The other other class that I’ve seriously played multiple times was a paladin – also a class of the Light.  So the Death Knight class is certainly at the other end of the spectrum.

And even though I’ve written through my problem, I haven’t decided still.  Input?
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  1. gnomeangel permalink
    January 23, 2009 7:55 AM

    A few weeks ago I went through and rolled a night elf in every class available to them. I also rolled a DK NE in that mix. I’m new to the game and want to try and experience all the other options out there. Despite thinking in my “heart” that I’m a Hunter.But now I’m trying to get raid ready I wonder when I’ll ever get the time to get back on those low level characters. I knew a guy that had a a character in every class and he was systematically getting them all to 80. I have no idea how he finds the time. (And yes, I’m jealous he has the time!)I do know though that alts are a good distraction from your main when you’re at burnout stage.Sorry – I’ve rambled all over your nice clean post.

  2. Anea permalink
    January 23, 2009 8:01 AM

    @gnomeangel – not at all! I’m happy when there is discussion on my posts.I completely agree that alts are a nice distraction. I used to be an incredibly bad altoholic, but I’ve gone through all the recovery steps and now I barely play the one alt I do have. Funny how I used to have too many and now I can’t bring myself to roll another one to play.

  3. eidheann permalink
    January 23, 2009 2:39 PM

    *sigh*It's tough. I mean, I fully acknowledge that it's MUCH easier to take a class with the level boost of starting at 55 to 80 very quickly. On the other hand, I (who am also a notoriously slow leveler!) have got my resto shammy to 68 in two months. Considering there was a large portion of December where I could rarely play, and that whole priest main thing I was leveling as well…Old-Azeroth content is a LOT faster to level through. And (at least as far as pallies go) Ret is an awesome spec to eat through them asap with.It's really a matter of what you want to play. Because I guarantee you, if it's not something you WANT, you're not going to get anywhere with it, no matter what level you start on.(And as a note: minimum level for entering SM is 20, and Strat is 45. Holy pallies are AWESOME for gathering 'em up and AOE'ing them down, fyi. >.>)

  4. Anea permalink
    January 23, 2009 5:24 PM

    @eidheann – you’re right. I’ll only play (and not consider it torture to play) a class that I enjoy and relate to (pally). I have wanted to make myself be one with the warrior and it utterly failed. I still try though. I don’t know who I’m kidding. Plus, how much fun is it to throw yourself in a group of mobs and shout, “CONSECRATE!!!” as they die?

  5. eidheann permalink
    January 23, 2009 5:58 PM

    Um, pretty awesome maybe?Ionoo. I level priests. I’ve a 70 druid and 68 shammy, but never have gotten a pally out of the early teens. So, um, yeah.(though if I was going to make a tank, it would TOTALLY be a pally.)– Jov

  6. IrishDoom permalink
    January 23, 2009 6:54 PM

    I have a way around your “DK is bad” reasoning, if you like. Roleplay it a little! Sure, you’re not INHERENTLY good, but part of the story of the Death Knight is their REDEMPTION! You are on a quest to show your inner goodness, no matter WHAT the Lich King did to you.Think about it, some of the most WHOLLY GOOD characters in literature and history were ONCE EVIL! PTD

  7. Soltaker permalink
    January 27, 2009 2:09 AM

    As much as I love my priest, there are times where I just want to do something different. I rolled a DK when LK came out but only got him out of the starting zone at first. I go back and play him every so often, mainly at times when I don’t want to play and not worry about anything but killing stuff. :)My other alts are in various stages of leveling. I find it difficult to play one of the low level toons too long though. Think I’m just used to the power of a raiding 80. =PThe main reason for me to level a DK is mainly to get a feel for the class and it’s abilities. Plus I’m curious to see if I can tank well with one. I’ve seen very few DK tanks on my server.

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