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Friday Five – Faith and Morals

January 30, 2009

  1. Does your character have any religious/spiritual beliefs?
  2. Is your character superstitious?
  3. Does your character swear? If so, how? Is he or she creative about it?
  4. How does your character regard “the Law”?  Does he or she have a personal moral code?
  5. Does your character like to dance? (feel free to assume that characters can dance in ways other than the WoW standard /boogies)

1. Anea has no set religious beliefs, despite the fact that she is a priest.  She believes in Good, Right, Fairness, Ethics and above all, The Light.

2. Anea isn’t really superstitious at all.  Besides worrying that if anyone mentions, “Hey, we’re doing pretty good, we haven’t wiped yet!” then the Forces That Be will immediately smite the group.

3. Anea never swears.  It isn’t befitting a priestess.

4. The Law poses no problems for Anea – she will abide by it, but isn’t concerned by it.  Her personal moral code might be a little more strict than others’ but not any different than most.

5. Hardly ever will you see Anea dance.  As with swearing, it isn’t becoming of a woman of the cloth.  However, once every great while, you may catch Anea “letting her hair down” and dancing with a friend.  When that happens, it is in the same fashion as a waltz.


(From Anna’s Faith and Morals Friday Five)

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