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I lived!

February 5, 2009

Since Lus and I joined our new guild (about a week ago, I believe) we’ve not gone on any runs with them, mostly because of scheduling.  However, tonight as I logged in, I got an invite to go on a post-scheduled-raid Naxx run.  And I figure, sure, why not?  I need to settle in here.

I was nervous as first, of course, since this was my first time running anything with them.  It was only a 10 man, so at least I knew the strategies for it.  I wasn’t ready for how quickly they ran through things though.  From what I could tell it was a healthy mix of alts and mains, some undergeared, some not.  However, we moved very quickly and I wasn’t quite used to that, but it eliminated a lot of downtime.

What I am most proud of tonight is that even though I wiped on the first phase 2 on our first try at Heigan (nothing new, I always always die on the first phase 2) on our second try, I lived through the second phase 2!  But more than that, I lived through the entire fight!

After the second phase 2, everyone was dead but me, (it’s snowing in hell, I’m sure of it) the tank and a hunter.  And the three of us managed to down him!  I’m really proud that I managed to run correctly.  Plus, I got several compliments at the end of the fight and I got to preen a little and pretend that I usually live through the fight.  A big thank you went to the pally tank though, ’cause I got a Lay on Hands just in the nick of time at the end of our last phase two.  Whew!

I lived!

And I did get a belt from the spider boss, but this was better than loot.

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  1. February 11, 2009 5:04 AM

    This happened to my guild too! We were down to our DK off-tank, disc priest healer, and a rogue for dps. They got him down from 54% while the rest of us just sat and watched.I was one of the first to die, if I remember correctly. >.>

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