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Recruit-a-friend – wise?

February 8, 2009

Last night before a midnight run of Naxx (and my first meeting and slaying of Sapphiron and Kel’Thuzad) I was discussing with some guildies my alt-conundrum and the raid leader’s solution was to use the recruit-a-friend system to get a high level paladin quickly, since that seemed to be the class that I was wanting to play most.  I wasn’t quite clear on how it worked, so he gave me a rundown.  I didn’t explore it further last night because the raid ran late, but I let Lus know about it today and he thought it was a good enough idea that he beat me to punch – his new account was created before I even looked up from the FAQ.

He rolled a really cute gnome warlock and paired him with a mage and they’re 20 now.  And they will be 60 very soon.  During all the runs of the Stockades, it gave me ample time to try to figure out all the characters that I wanted – what classes did I want at my disposal?  And while I am still sure that I want a tanking class, I wasn’t sure if insta-leveling was the way to go.

When I group up with people that I don’t know, I expect them to know their class and to play it well.  Now I know that you can read up on a class and be aware of the abilities that you have, but I think that practice makes perfect.  I would feel most comfortable as a tank knowing that I had honed my abilities for a full 80 levels – had some time to have trial and error, to  see if certain specs worked for me – just basically make myself familiar with the class.

Another example of what I’m talking about is how people largely tend to look down on most death knights, because anyone can have one now and just because they have reached a high level doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing.  Same thing for people that are “given” characters or have bought accounts – they have the character, sure, but they don’t yet know what they’re doing.

So, while the free and fast levels are extremely appealing, I’m not sure if that’s what I will want to do.  Although – I will also say that I would feel a little less uncomfortable about having higher level DPS classes, ranged in particular.  (I’m thinking about mages or an elemental shaman specifically, since those are classes I would play.)  And while it feels almost hypocritical by thinking it would be ok, I think that you need to be more on top of your game to be a viable tank than “just” a DPS.  And before all you DPS cry out in indignation, I’m not saying that anyone can do your job and do it well.  I am saying that it would be passable.  And in my opinion if one or the other has to be only passable and one has to be experienced, I would choose the DPS to be passable and the tank to be experienced.

TL:DR – Even though I know that I would figure it out just fine, I think that leveling the good old fashioned way is best for me.

Plus, I only want to have Draenei on my main server, which will be explained in another post, no doubt,  so that is a turn off as well.

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  1. February 10, 2009 9:16 PM

    I did the recruit a friend thing because I love to play many classes. In fact I now have every class up to 60, 6 of which are over 70 and 2 at 80. The thing you have to remember is that the triple xp and grinding in that fashion will only take you up to 60 so you have 20 levels to learn the class. Also, most of the class defining talents don’t show up until that point so you aren’t learning a whole lot before then.Just keep in mind if you do decide to do this, you only get 90 days of triple experience, so you might as well level up as much as you can. You can always decide not to play a class later and around 60 you can really figure out if you like a class or not. Just remember that you won’t have the same gear someone who levelled up will have.

  2. Carey permalink
    February 11, 2009 3:47 PM

    It’s difficult now, in my opinion, to become a level 80 heroic/raid tank. At least as a Druid. First you need to acquire some gear better than you probably have upon first reaching 80 and secondly you’re not going to get the gear tanking as you will probably die quickly and the other members will bail. So, you try to get your guild members that are better geared/more eperienced to let you tag along in instances and hopefully something will drop that will up your stats, armor, or whatever. Once you get to a stat/gear/eperience level that you are comfortable with, you can try tanking instances at the regular level. Again, this will not get you the gear that drops at heroic level, nor do you get the emblems with which you can upgrade certain items. Once you work through this, you can try heroics and you start all over again, tougher bosses, more damage,etc,etc. You again run into the problem of learning,trying to see what works and if you are lucky, you have people with you that will let you make mistakes and try again and work through them but that’s rare. If you tell someone you are a new tank but want to try an instance 98 times out of a 100, they will not invite you. If you dont tell them, you invite all kinds of ugly comments if things dont go well. I have also found that even within the guild, there are “favorite” tanks and it is very, very difficult to get a group unless all the “favs’ are busy or not on. I still dont know how you get to be a raid tank. Also, the recent and upcoming changes on characters affect us all and there is always a new learning curve, sometimes small -sometimes large, but still new, and this adds to the difficulties. I agree everyone needs to learn to play their character but IMO healers and tanks have the toughest way to go. There is nothing worse than a bad healer or tank but also nothing better than a good healer or tank. that’s why you see all the need requests for healers and tanks. Just my thoughts on this.

  3. Plastic Rat permalink
    February 13, 2009 10:37 AM

    I had exactly the same thoughts when I started using RAF. Leveled my wife and myself up. Mainly it was because I started over from scratch with a new faction on a new server. I wasn’t sure my wife would have the attention span to actually level normally either and I’d already played old world stuff to death before, wanted to see the new content.It wasn’t such an issue for me, while I’d been away from the game for a long time, I’d played that specific class before (up to L40) and knew the basic concepts of the game. For my wife it was actually quite scary. She was constantly getting new stuff before she even had a clue what to do with the old stuff. New talents, new skills etc.She’s kind of gone off the game after RAF concluded, her character languishing in Outlands somewhere at L63. I think in part it was to the info overload.I used my free levels gained from RAF to level up a priest which I figured I could use to help alleviate some of the healer shortage. When I got to 60 I actually found it quite scary, I had no clue what half this stuff did and when it was supposed to be used. I haven’t touched my priest since, even though I always enjoyed healing on my resto-spec shaman (back when shaman were horde only – yeah, that long ago).Once I did a bit of reading up though, I was fine on my new character and leveling through outland and then Northrend at a slightly slower pace gave me some time to catch up. I did extensive reading though on guides whenever I could. By the time I hit 80 I handled the new easy mode raids with no problem whatsoever. Never been asked to change anything about the way I play and actually have other players coming to me for advice.In conclusion I guess RAF is great for slightly more experienced players who can adapt to a new class quickly and will put in the time to read up.For folk that are brand new to the game, or heaven forbid, new to MMOs, I think RAF does more harm than good. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of them quit before actually seeing endgame.

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