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Fridays Are For Feedreading

June 26, 2009

Fridays Are For Feedreading is a weekly post featuring highlights from my feedreader, shared from Anea to you.


Blog Posts:

The Meeting: A Story from Aspect of the Hare

Emblems, Time and Frustration from 4Haelz

Life Before Undeath Part 7 from Arrens

Life Before Undeath Part 8 from Arrens

Patch 3.2: All Argents, all the time from Achtung Panzercow

Technical Issues from The Pink Pigtail Inn

Seri sez: I’ve got the (holiday) blues from World of Snarkcraft

Saturday RP – Of Elves from Holy Dueg

Ironforge, Level 25 from Letters to Azeroth

Bitter Tears Make Me Giggle from Arrens

We Don’t Need no Water from Holy Dueg

Other Healers – and their Problems? from Miss Elf

A Paladin’s Guide to Playing Nice With Others from The Practical Paladin

Is Like The Family Jewels, Only Different from Need More Rage

Midsummer Festival Guide and Info:

Midsummer Fire Festival 2009 from Wowhead Blog

Two quick tips to make Midsummer juggling easier from Duct Tape and a Prayer


When orcs go noodling catfish


Invention Time! from Dark Legacy Comics

The Battle is Lost from WoW, Eh?



A Midsummer Night’s RP Writing Contest

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