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Smelling the roses

July 14, 2009

After my post about feeling guilty for not doing dailies that I wrote over two weeks ago came off the press (as it were) I got lots of comments and thoughts.  There were even posts written in response to it.

And to be honest, initially I still felt a little guilty.  I didn’t do the dailies, but I had a little doubt, even after the encouragement you all showed that I should do what I like, when I like.  I’ve been pretty busy for the last week and I haven’t had much time to play and I think that the time off from the game itself helped with it.  For a few days I didn’t even want to get into the game!

Perhaps the time away from the game helped me get perspective and see that I can play when I want (if I want) and do what I please.  If I only feel like logging on to post auctions?  Fine.  If I decide that I do want to do the fishing and cooking dailies?  Fine.  Taking days to let the pally get rest experience?  Lazy, haha.  But fine.

And now that I’ve logged on to play because I want to it’s actually fun to play the pally and spend hours running around Un’goro completing all my quests then turning in all at once.  (That’s something I love doing.  Completing as many quests, if not all, that I have for a certain zone then turning them in all at once.  I feel like I’m accomplishing a whole lot, plus the huge jump in experience is nice too!)

Ironic that when others have this problem, I can certainly recommend doing what you please and only if you want or even taking a break if you’re getting burnt out.  It took some involuntary time away from the computer for me to finally see that a break is what I needed.

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  1. Carson permalink
    July 14, 2009 10:03 AM

    I go through spells like that as well. Sometimes I will go weeks without wanting to log and do dailies-priesting is hard work!-but I always come back with a renewed enjoyment of the game. Nice to know I’m not alone!

  2. July 14, 2009 10:17 AM

    yay! this sounds as a very sound approach to the game. And turning in a ton of quests at the same time is wonderful! I’m bad at calculating how much xp they will give me so it will always come with a sweet surprise.

  3. Railena permalink
    July 14, 2009 9:41 PM

    /CheersI agree! Play as you like to play and let no one tell you any different or make you feel bad for doing it your way! I think that playing how you like is one of the great things that draw people to WOW. Yes, you can grind out quest lines so you can get that ultimate shiney at the end OR you can bypass it completely and run about willy nilly in dungeons killing monsters OR even flit about in battle grounds making the other faction regret the day they crossed your path, etc etc. The key is enjoying your time on the game.I tend do as you do with quests, gathering up everything that I can till I have that nice log list of “complete” in my log and then watch as my experience bar fills out pushing that nice rested status even further along and then the all magic golden swirl of light. DING! xD

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