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After the party – a ficlet

October 30, 2009

Lysel sighed as she sank onto the bed.  The party tonight had been exhausting.  It was so hard bein’ so bleedin’ polite to everyone!  All these people she didn’t know, looking down on her.  She even thought she saw someone sneer!

She knew Professor Arrens meant well by asking her to attend the party, but it just went all wrong.  Who would welcome a rogue into their circles?  Lysel frowned as she picked at the threadbare robe in her lap.  Even the robes were lackluster – once they had likely been a lovely bright purple and white but they’d faded into a dried lavender and offwhite that was rather depressing.  At least it matches my mood, she thought.  They were the best she could get on such short notice.  Gold was rather spare right now.  Silver, really, she thought grimly.  Her plan to take up jewelcrafting to make her fortune had not gone as well as she’d hoped.  She hadn’t planned on it taking so long to actually turn a profit.

Well, nothing can be done for it.  What’s done is done and if daggers is what it takes for me to make my way, daggers it will be. There was no point in lying to herself any longer.  She had taken them up to earn a few copper to make ends meet, but she couldn’t deny that she felt at ease doing it.  The weapons just felt right in her hands.  When she was out of town “earning her keep” she felt more comfortable with herself, as well.  Too long had she been just the brewer’s daughter – been what they had expected of her.  Smiles and politeness and content with homelife.  Slipping into the shadows suited her.  Silence suited her.  Striking a Troll from the shadows and stabbing it to death?  Yes, that suited her too.

She would just have to embrace it.  Embrace who she was now.  Doubtlessly, Professor Arrens knew more about who she was than she had initially thought.  Surly rogues may not be high on his list of worries at the University, so she needn’t worry on his part.  Her future classmates, however, would be another thing.

Lysel, too exhausted to think about it anymore, undressed and got into bed, giving Fuzz a scratch behind the ears before falling asleep, her heart a little lighter.

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