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+100 [Cuteness]!

December 8, 2009

If you needed some cute to make your Patch Day morning a little brighter, look no further!

After seeing the amazing chibis that @Kenichan and @LoreliAoD (of Re-Roll fame) had commissioned, I had to get in line too!  @Baenhoof, the artist, has special Christmas prices, so I was able to get three (3) chibis done for a great price.  *squee*

And so you now have a lovely banner to look at as well, rather than the boring old text of before – thank goodness!  The lovely cow you see at the top is my newest Death Knight, Numu.  I’ve tried Death Knighting before, in several different racial forms and have always failed – the constant here is that I was trying to level frost and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.  The few people I asked about it just said, “Faceroll to 80 lawl!”  While this is true – just randomly pushing buttons and hoping the thing hitting you dies does technically work – it does nothing for the ego of the player and in fact can make the player feel very stupid.

While on one of my many attempts, I thought that I could really appreciate having to level all the way up to 55 in all the other classes.  Yes, the playing might be tedious at times and if it’s an alt (or 100th alt) you’re going through content you’ve seen too many times before… but you’re getting to know your class.  You’re introduced to your spells and abilities in an orderly fashion and you learn how they relate to one another and – by trial and error – you can figure out what order they ought to be used in order to get maximum damage for your effort.  Logical progression is our friend.

With the Death Knights, on the other hand, you level up three levels in quick succession.  You learn lots of new abilities and you are forced to use them right away.  They throw decades worth of talents at you willynilly.  Unless you’ve read up on the class and know what each of the trees do and know what you want to level your Death Knight as, this is very overwhelming.  I was used to easing into a class and learning as I go – this “class quickie” caught me off guard.

I even berated myself a little bit about it – when I very first rolled a Death Knight, it was months and months after Wrath had come out.  In that time, there were articles written and posts blogged about them, but I hadn’t really done more than glance at them.  I had decided I liked the “look and feel” of the Frost tree (what better for a cold, heartless Death Knight?) and that’s what I was going to do.  (It didn’t go well.)  However, I knew that Death Knights had quickly been stigmatized and that “Death Tards” ran rampant over Northrend.  If anyone and their mother could be a Death Knight (and make it to 80, if not do it well) why couldn’t I?

Just as with my warrior episode… it seems I was just trying with the wrong spec.  Frost wasn’t clicking for me and when I took the advice of Moodyloner, things went rather swimmingly!  I’ve not lost sight of my Frost dreams, however – she’ll play around with Frost when she gets to 80 – but for now, Numu will try not to stain her pretty white fur with all the blood flying to and fro.

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  1. December 8, 2009 6:51 PM

    Yay! /cheer


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