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PuG and PuG alike

December 9, 2009

To be perfectly honest with you, I wasn’t anticipating anything for 3.3 – I’d hardly been paying attention to what was going to happen when the patch hit.  When you’re stuck in an alt and/or identity crisis somewhere not high level, it means little to you.  So yesterday, when everyone was all hot and bothered over ICC, I patiently waited for realms to come up so I could continue leveling my Death Knight.

Luckily, I happened to be one of the first wave to log in, so I completely bypassed the Great Authorization Crisis of ’09 and was able to play all day with no connection issues whatsoever.  I leveled as per usual for a few hours, then my brain reminded me, “Hey, weren’t they talking about a battlegroup-wide LFG tool?  You should check it out!”

It was with great trepidation that I did – I never PuG.  Even with Anea, I would always group with Lus, then we’d find some DPS.  That way, I was assured the vital parts of the PuG were decent and if the DPS all turned out to be mouth breathers, we could at least limp through.  If I had to level a character by myself?  I’d never see an instance – I’d solo the whole way.

However, I found the tool very interesting – I like the way it’s set up and the way it works:

  • there is a box you can tic if you’re knowledgeable enough to be leader
  • once in party, there is an option to kick someone that prompts a group-wide vote
  • you can hover over “the eye” while in queue to see the status of your party and see what roles you’re missing
  • experience, gold and a blue are awarded upon completion of the dungeon – the first time you get more, but the subsequent times you still get something
  • icons show up next to group faceplates so you can see at a glance what roles people are
  • you gain the buff Luck of the Draw
  • you can use it to find a group for a particular instance as well as the “Random Dungeon” option
  • once your group is ready, there is an option to port right into the dungeon(!)
  • once you’ve finished, you can port out right where you left the outside world

Once getting over my fear of the Inevitable Painful Fail PuG, I used the tool four times – once resulting in a group disbanded on the first wipe.  So… certainly no worse than any other PuG I’ve had.  Sometimes you’ll get polite conscientious players and sometimes you’ll get the mouth breathers.  But you’ll get a group that wants the same thing you do – to get through the instance. The only real issue I encountered were hiccups because of patch day and impatience from groupmates on behalf of that.

I’m really psyched about this tool now!  Originally I had no intent to use it at all, but this way I get to complete quests in dungeons and even just see some dungeons that I might not have been able to on my own otherwise.  Who wants to stay in a capital and spam trade all day hoping that someone wants to do the particular instance you do too?

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  1. December 9, 2009 8:13 PM

    I might actually start puging now. My problem is that I play so early, while everybody else is sleeping. I can’t usually find people. I don’t usually try anyway, I hate pugs usually. But with this tool I might actually try to get those instances quests done.

  2. December 9, 2009 8:19 PM

    I hadn’t pugged in more than four years (no exaggeration — I stopped pugging when I fell in with my current group, which was mid-2005), and have been pleasantly surprised by the LFG tool! So far so good — my little dwarf priest got two upgrades and enough rep for a non-heirloom weapon today. :)(I’m still collecting phrases for a PuG Bingo card project, though. I gave it the #pugbingo hashtag on Twitter. :D )

  3. Anea permalink
    December 10, 2009 2:28 AM

    @Aoirselvar – since the tool is battlegroup wide, I’m sure that a handful of people will be as crazy as you are, playing at the crack of dawn ;) Good luck with your instance quests!@Teuthida – four years?! How lucky to have found such a great group to take your PuGging cares away. PuG Bingo sounds hilarious! I should think of phrases to contribute…

  4. Jack permalink
    December 10, 2009 8:23 PM

    I’ve had four experiences with the new LFG queue.(1) On my level 75 resto druid, random Lich King dungeon. Violet Hold.Hunter zoned in out of ammo, tank was unrepaired, DK used Army of the Dead on Core Hound boss (spinning flamethrower!) and maybe one dps (if that) actually targetted the Voidwalker bosses sentries.Other than that the group was great. Friendly. Fun. The ret pally was flawless. The DK did not take offense when I asked her to please not use AotD on Cyanigosa and everyone else was very polite about supporting the suggestion. We wiped at the Voidwalker and Hunter & Tank took the opportunity to go find ammo/repair vendors. Second shot went much, much better.So yeah, a PuG, but completed with only one wipe and in good company. And two Emblems of Triumph at level 75.(2) On my level 43 Balance Druid. Zul’FarakYou would have thought we’d practiced it together. Perfectly executed run. Friendly, capable players. Good time. No wipes. ZF is one of my favorite instances and this was a great experience. Satchel of Helpful Goods contained some very nice leather boots. For feral druids.As soon as we beat all the bosses, the healer bailed while a few of us still needed quest objects. But the rogue was nice enough to zone back in and I took over healing duties while we four man cleared it.(3) Now level 44 Balance Druid. Zul’FarakTougher, for some reason, but still a lot of fun. Very friendly group. We wiped twice on bad pulls . . . and had a couple other bad pulls that degenerated into some protracted exciting fights. This time the Satchel of Helpful Goods contained leather bracers that were nearly as good as the Dryad’s Wrist Bindings I bought with WSG marks. Which really says something. They’re good.(4) Still level 44 Balance Druid. Maraudon.Just to illustrates one risk of the new tool. Again, the group itself was a great bunch of good natured players. However, for those who don’t remember, Mara has two parts: inner & outer. The trash in outer is level 43-45, the bosses level 46. Inner Mara is two levels higher. At level 44, I’m the right level for outer mara to be a fun, beatable challenge with relevant loot. I’m at the low end for inner Mara, possibly too low depending on how good the party is.Everyone else in my party is level 41. That means there was trash that could crushing blow the tank, I was the only person who could reliably hit all the mobs and everyone else had an obscene amount of resisted or glancing damage. Fights went longer than the healer’s mana could support. We gave it a good try, but the party was just too low a level. We honestly gave a good go at it, though. We wiped twice on the way to the first boss, Noxxion. He wiped us once. There were numerous individual deaths even without total party wipes.I guess random sometimes means you roll a natural one.But overall, I’m with those who love the tool. Every time I jumped into the queue, I was in a party in under 10 mins. Almost immediately when I signed on as a healer. I’ve sat on my Balance druid all night in LFG pre 3.3 and never gotten a group together. Just the fact that now I get one is awesome.


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