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Because I need an excuse to not work on an alt

December 31, 2009

Tahas tagged me to do it and Forreststump started it.

A post of resolutions:

WoWRes#1: Get Loremaster.  Srsly – I WILL have it.  If I don’t manage to get it this year I will be severely disappointed with myself.

WoWRes#2: Pick a fel-damned main.  (Maybe this should be my #1 before I work on Loremaster, huh?)

WoWRes#3: Find friends and a good friendly guild on whatever server I end up on.

RLRes#1: Find a job.  While I know that beggars can’t be choosers, I’d like one that doesn’t kill my brain, whether from boredom nor yet stupidity of the job.

RLRes#2: Knit something more complicated than socks.

RLRes#3: Be happy.

I know that some of you are severely allergic to memes, but if you’re not that type, feel free to tag yourself for this post of resolutions.

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