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January 12, 2010

Sometimes, when you are mindlessly leveling your new baby hunter to 15 so she can run dungeons, the mind wanders:

How do Undead ever make it to level 80?  If you wake up in a state of decay, wouldn’t it only get worse?  Especially if aggravated by hot humid conditions of places like Stranglethorn Vale?  Perhaps I’m not as up on the process of decay as I might be but… eventually, wouldn’t all your flesh rot away and you’d be left with only a skeleton?  Wouldn’t other characters shun you because of the rotten smell?  Flies follow you around?  Are maggots an issue for an everyday Forsaken?  Or do you have to shell out to the Apothecary Society for creams and potions to preserve your initial decay?  Perhaps the resident zombie expert, Arrens, would like to give insight?

Also, isn’t it awfully insensitive of a hunter to tame a certain pet – especially named ones, like Echeyakee, for example… then turn around and have them kill their current “self”?  This could apply to any particular type of animal (a commonplace bear, for example) and having him kill other bears like himself, but it seems like with named creatures, it’s a little more cruel.  I want to tame Echeyakee, but I also want to finish the quest… conundrum!  (I’ll probably end up doing it anyway, but still  >.>)

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  1. Tam permalink
    January 15, 2010 4:22 PM

    My zomfie priest, Sansjaw, bathes regularly in fomaldehyde like any other socially responsible corpse.

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