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FailAngel, Fail DK & a Redeeming Pally

February 12, 2010

I spent too much time tonight as a FailAngel.

What happens when a FailAngel dies?

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve never seen a FailAngel die in slow motion.  When I was taking screenshots of my failness earlier, I was spamming the printscreen button and I caught myself coming out of angelform and this is what happened.  Do you see that?! The very bottom stripey stuff is my robe – but my torso and head are nothing but a bloody mess – it’s like one of the gods squished my head to make me die.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that…

Between last night and tonight, I had some awesome tanks.  I had some tanks I wanted to kill in the face.  I won’t get too into it, since I think that maybe we’re tired of healing FailParty stories (but really, ARE we tired of hearing them?  I don’t mind reading about other people’s stupidity sometimes) but I do have to say one thing.

I don’t think that I’ve said it here, but I think I left it as a comment somewhere:

After we run back from a wipe and buff up, eat.  If I have to rez you ’cause you died of stupid, eat.  If I have time to drink to get my mana back after rezzing, you have time to eat to get your health back.  My mana is not a substitute for food.

There was a Death Knight in one of my parties that just insisted on doing every stupid thing imaginable and dying in some Zul’Drak instance.  At first I felt sorry for him, thinking that he didn’t know what he was doing, but persistance proved me wrong.  I would rez him right after fights ended, rebuff, throw a Renew on him and sit down to drink, thinking that he would follow my shining example.

He did not.

Not any of the million times he died.  After a while I got pissed at him so I quit healing him at all in fights – this resulted in him dying a lot more, but I was spitefully content to rez him than waste mana healing him.  The tank caught on to what was going on and would keep the group where it was until his health grew back on it’s own.  Only once toward the end did the tank actually say, “I’ll wait for the dk” and only then did he eat.

I just couldn’t believe that he would be so stupid and selfish, and so persistantly!  (What also pissed me off was when I suggested he eat after being rezzed, he ignored me.  When the tank said something, he did so.  But we’ll address that another day.)


Last night, there was a wonderfully awesome tank who redeemed other stupid tanks in my mind.  (For a while, anyway.)  I had a Pit of Saron group whose DPS was rather blah but the tank was doing well and I was able to keep people not dead.  We did the first two bosses fine and got up the hill and into the tunnel.  We died in the tunnel – not precisely sure why, but we did.  I wasn’t too phased though – this was our first wipe.  As we were discussing what went wrong on the way back, the tank says this:

I was so amazed and gratified to see it.  Usually people keep silent after a wipe, or the assholes will speak up and point fingers – rarely does someone come forward and say, “I screwed up, I’m sorry, I’ll fix it.”  Now, I’m not sure if the tank even did do anything wrong, but the “can do” attitude was so awesome to see.  Jaime of Shattered Halls, you were a great tank and I would be happy to group with you again.

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  1. February 12, 2010 10:54 AM

    For the record, the exploding bloody failangel totally traumatised me. Now I shall feel my failures all the more keenly.Awww – and *cheers* for Jaime of Shattered Halls.

  2. Anea permalink
    February 13, 2010 6:59 AM

    @Tam: I know, the image of my little goat brains being squished all over the place really puts a new spin on things. :(

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