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In which there are flashbacks

April 3, 2010

Taking a (belated) cue from Ratshag and Jess before him, I have some screenshots showing what I was doing a year ago, two years ago and even three years ago.

One year ago: Anea went adventuring in STV – I’m not sure what for though.  I had taken this series of screenshots to post on the blog and show you all a ledge that’s a little out of the way and looked just like those cliffs that people jump off of into oceans in Mexico and such.  I was also going to tell you, “Jumping from this cliff with no clothes on will kill you.”

Two years ago: Anea went through the Dark Portal.  She also went back to get her Tabard of the Hand – this is the celebration afterwards for finishing the chain.

There was also a convo that was in a General channel somewhere that I screenshotted:

[1] Darkcappeon: fuck you and youer roge bud
[1] Lunafira: Somebody get pvpd?
[1] Zander: was that english?
[1] Anea: I wondered the same thing.
[1] Darkrogue: yes it english u guys just cant read…
[1] Lunafira: Can’t speak internet, eh?
[1] Lunafira: I can translate for you if you like, I speak both well
[1] Lunafira: He said, “Pardon me sir,  but your distaste for rogues does not make it necessary to devalue the classe as a whole.”

Three years ago: This is my first priest I ever played, Ladli.  She was posing for vanity shots outside of Ironforge.

Four years ago: I was playing, but on another computer so I have no screenshots to show for it.  I would only have been playing for three months though, so I would have been nubbing it up on my Night Elf druid (she wasn’t played over level 21, so rest assured the degree of nubness was very high.)

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  1. April 22, 2010 2:21 PM

    The English-to-Internet translation was very well done. Thanks for the chuckles.I’m here coz Phil (from Phil, meet World) linked to your Blog but he was pretty half-arsed about it and while he quoted an entry of yours he linked to your blog’s main page. The slack bastard. I’ll be adding your Blog to my Reader, but I’m also a slack bastard so I’ll often read Blogs in my Reader but don’t always click through to leave comments. So I shall apologize in advance for the lack of comments. Nice Blog though, what I’ve seen of it so far.

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