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May 3, 2010

Lus reinstalled Warcraft.

However, this isn’t because he wanted to come back to the game, I think.  It’s because he was so bored out of his mind he couldn’t stand it.  (And also because I may or may not have been ignoring his boredom while I was running randoms for emblems.)  I had set my Dwarf warrior up in a cozy room in Ironforge to rest up and in the meantime I figured I’d roll a new alt to play in the “off time” of the warrior.  Rest experience – it’s delicious.

But, the emblems had to be earned.  I decided to roll (yet another) shaman, but this one would break my “Only Alliance” rule and be on my home server, Exodar, because she was going to have heirlooms.  (The shaman heirloom shoulders are so perfectly shaman I couldn’t not have them.)  So, I needed enough emblems for the chest and shoulders, mace and trinket.  Off to pug I went…

And then out of nowhere, AFTER I finish my pugging, Lus is just sitting in his chair, looking bored.  “What should I do?”  I mention any and all of the things that he’s been doing since he quit WoW.  Golf.  Go shooting.  Play Call of Duty.  Play Final Fantasy whatevernumberitisnow.  Watch TV.  Go see if his jalapeno plants have died yet.  “No, I don’t want to do that.”  As the “join dungeon” box came up, I casually said, “You could reinstall WoW and play an alt with me.”  CASUALLY.

“I think I will.”


Readers, ever since Lus quit WoW, I made a very careful effort NOT to nag him about it.  I let him know how sad I was that he quit and that I would miss us running things together.  But if he wanted to play stuff on the PS3, fine.  I can play my game, he can have his.  But I didn’t keep saying, “You should reinstall.  You should reinstall.  You should reinstall.  You should reinstall.”  I’d vent to him about stupid people in pugs if he was around.  Once or twice when I was SUPER frustrated at something, I’d say, “If I had you as a tank, you would never do (stupid thing a pug tank did)!”  But whenever he was bored, I wouldn’t say, “Come play with me.”

And now he wants to?  *skeptical face*  AND?!  He wants to play Hordeside with the shaman I’m making.  The issue?  She’s already got all her heirlooms and is on the very cusp of 15, which as we all know means dungeons which means zooming through levels.


Sucker that I am, I haven’t played my shaman.  I told Lus, “Well, this weekend you need to PuG a lot and start getting emblems so you can buy your heirlooms!”  However, I had forgotten how scary it can be to come back to your main after lots of time off and hop into heroics.  It certainly was a gut check when I hopped into heroics to heal on Anea for the hunter’s heirlooms.  (Gawd, was it ever.)  So, I offered to PuG things with him as I could.  And I do, before and after work when I get to see him and if we have time.  But… he’s taking things much slower than I do when I am working for emblems.  I prefer to go pedal to the metal, get it done and get it over with.

So, I’m not quite sure what to do.  He’s said, “Play your shaman!” but when I point out that if I play her, I make the gap between our levels even bigger and we wouldn’t be “playing together” when/if he finally gets all the emblems for the heirlooms.  I can go and play the dwarf, but that rested experience is going to run out soon.

But even beyond that… should I wait for Lus?  I’m not entirely convinced of his desire to play.  It seems to me that he’s just very bored and wants SOMETHING to do, and that he may drop this and come back to it like he’s dropped CoD and FF.  Which on the one side is fine – game how you like, right?  But when you’re supposed to be gaming with another person, as a pair… that makes things different, doesn’t it?  Should I limit my shaman’s playtime based on the hope that he’ll become interested and play with me as we used to, as a pair?  Or just play her as I usually would and wait for him to catch up?

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  1. Jack permalink
    May 3, 2010 6:42 PM

    Man, I would be so thrilled if my wife expressed any interest whatsoever in playing. I mean, I can’t tell you what you should do, but if my wife said she’d play, I’d make a toon to play with her on any server, any faction. She could pick the race, class, gender even name it if she wanted. Or if she wanted her toon to run along with one I already had, I’d let mines sit as long as it took.In the guild I’m raiding with, in any given 10 man group, it’s not unusual for six of them to be playing with their spouse and I am incredibly jealous.

  2. lejunavr permalink
    May 3, 2010 6:43 PM

    Been there, done that, with my hubby. He gets bored of NOT gaming together, reinstalls WoW, then plays a max of 10 times. Then uninstalls it.I recommend "wait and see." It could be that the heirloom grinding kills Lus’ desire to play. Maybe as a solution, the two of you create alts without heirlooms? (Assuming you have the alt space.)

  3. May 3, 2010 6:54 PM

    My wife and I both play, but we don’t play together very often. We like playing together, but we have very different styles in what we like to do, how we like to play, and so on. She’s also very driven on certain things and when she decides to do something new it needs to get done right then. If we’re leveling toons and she decides she wants to level her Enchanting, then you better believe she expects you to stand there for an hour (or two and a half, not that I was counting) while she enchants your gear over and over. "Weren’t we going to run some randoms?" – "Yeah, I just need to get these enchants finished up. Oh! I only need 1 point before I can train again, give me your bracers. Oh, new enchants give me all your other gear too!" She’s also very role oriented, so if you’re not the tank then you better not have aggro, even at level two. I’m very much a "get it done" kind of player. You want to run randoms? Then stop whatever you’re doing, join the group and let’s queue. Are we looking for a specific drop? Only need a specific boss? Full clear? Run until you have X emblems or Y shards? Good, that’s the goal, now it’s time to do it. Since I’m also primarily a solo player I’m very familiar and comfortable with my own abilities. If I pull aggro as a DPS then you can rest assured that I either know enough about my own character to handle the situation, or I’ll work with the tank’s strong points to ensure he gets it back. If I die, then so what – that’s what I get for being a noob deeps.In essence, we’re two very different gamers. We enjoy the same things, but we like to experience them in different ways and at a different pace. I say you go ahead and level your Shaman and have fun with it. When he gets on you can always help him as a higher level player or you can get another alt set up that you run at his level and just focus on the shaman alone. My wife and I figured out how to play "together" without having to play together. We’re on at the same time, we’re in the same guild and the same vent, and we’re together even though she’s raiding ICC and I’m on a level 19 twink slaying noobs in WSG. When you experience the same thing right there beside each other you have that experience that you shared, but when you’re on at the same time but not actually playing together you also get to share the stories of what happened afterward. And for us that works even better.

  4. Carrie permalink
    May 3, 2010 9:18 PM

    I agree with Jack on the make another alt without heirlooms if you have the space. After all, he came back to play an alt with you, not grind on his main for emblems for heirlooms. :) Yeah, it’s slower without them, but it’s still faster now than it would have been even a year ago. Then you can play together that way, and if he feels like some heroics to work on heirlooms, they’ll still be just as useful later as they are if you have them from level 1. Good luck!

  5. Carrie permalink
    May 3, 2010 9:20 PM

    Er, I should have said that I agree with lejunavr. XD I didn’t realize commenter names were at the bottom!

  6. May 3, 2010 10:08 PM

    Oh, you’re in a pickle! I would have a really difficult time deciding that. Once I start a new char I usually want to get it levelled quickly, and sitting around waiting is difficult for me – but at the same time levelling together with someone can be great fun. If you really want your shaman to level faster, then I’m with the other people – make yet another alt (assuming you have space) to play with him. Then if you want to level the shaman quicker, you can :)

  7. Ameliora permalink
    May 4, 2010 5:57 AM

    Having a different alt that you can level together when you both have the desire to play together seems a good solution. Something you are happy to just play when you both feel like but that you are happy to leave inbetween. Perhaps a differnt character to the Shaman so you can enjoy leveling that one at your own pace? :)I personally love playing with my b/f. We leveled our mains together and now have instant dungeon ques etc. (healer and tank) and enjoy dabling into raiding together. But we’ve always had a selection of alts to play seperately. That way our different play styles can be satisfied and we get the thrill of running through wow together when we are both online. :)

  8. May 9, 2010 6:47 PM

    I am having this same exact situation with Paul. I mean for the longest time we were playing together, that girlfriend boyfriend duo, ya know. Then he starts fighting the burnout and doesn’t want to play. He moves to Counterstrike Source, I buy that game, play with him and keep both WOW accounts going (no wonder I’m broke) but I quickly move back after a few days, shooting people in the face is only good for so long.Anyways, with this recent Children’s Week, I kept hearing "I really do want to play with you! I will come home from work and we will do it"…well…that was tuesday…then it became wednesday…then it became Thursday…then it was a promise on Friday…then he said he would get up Saturday morning…and now its over and undone.Don’t trust a man on the brink of burnout! Have that alt you CAN play with him…but I would say don’t wait.

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