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Ethermead is written by Anea, a severe altoholic.

…what, you wanted to know more than that?

Once upon a time, way back in my pre-noob days, I was a girl who would rather read any historical fiction novel than dirty my hands on a keyboard and play some *grimace* computer game.  However, boredom and desperation lead me to try the game and I have since seen the light.

Because I had never played any game of any sort before, it took me quite a while to get to the non-noob stage.  My first serious characters were a priest and paladin (both Human).  When Burning Crusade came, I switched over to a Blood Elf rogue, Sin, who was my first 70.  Around that time I rolled Anea, a Draenei priest, who I wanted to be a healer.  I raided with her and my boyfriend’s tanky paladin, Lus.  Wrath hit and we leveled to 80 and raided a bit… I rolled several alts, but no one thought anything of this – I’d had many (many) alts before.  But this turned out to be a serious case of altitis that has lasted more than a year.

Currently I am playing a Troll shaman named Anarkali who is also a healer.  I do have hopes that she will be “the one” and be the first alt to make it to 80, but we don’t talk about it much because we don’t want to tempt fate.  Should she make it to 80 *knocks on wood* I will attempt to make her Loremaster before Cataclysm drops.  She also enjoys fishing and cooking.

Blog-wise, this is the third incarnation of the blog.  I was inspired by a certain gnome innkeeper back in 2008 and so I made my own blog, Holy Discipline.  However, after a while I decided to try out self-hosting and so went to for my blogging needs.  I found out that self-hosting isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be and so have made my home here on Ethermead, a nice abstract name for what is sometimes an abstract blog.  No getting painted into corners with specific names, just… me.  My thoughts.  And the ethermead.

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